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Company Overview

Company Overview

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Transcend Communication Beijing Co.Ltd.

  Founded in 2006 and based in Beijing, Transcend Communication Beijing Co., Ltd. (Transcend) is a technology and market leader of robust network solution in China. Leveraging strong R&D capabilities, we design and sell a comprehensive range of reliable industrial networking products in harsh environments, including industrial Ethernet switches and routers, industrial repeaters and converters, industrial wireless and video transmission products. Our products have been widely deployed in mission-critical systems of physically demanding applications, such as rail transit, transportation, factory automation, electric power, smart city, petrochemical, water and mining, in more than 10 countries including China, Argentina, Australia, India, Iran, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Russia.

  Specifically in China's urban rail transit market, Transcend has become the biggest domestic industrial networking solution provider with high growth rate in last ten years. By 2017 mid, we have fulfilled more than 300 supply contracts for over 80 urban metro lines in 26 cities globally, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu, Buenos Aires, Lahore and Teheran. We are also among top industrial networking vendors in China's railway and high-speed rail business, winning projects of above 40 nationwide railway lines. Our quality products are widely used and perform reliably in nearly 20 different applications, such as integrated supervisory control system (ISCS), power supervisory control and data acquisition (PSCADA) system, passenger information system (PIS), automatic fare collection (AFC) system and public address (PA) system.

  With full spectrum of communications solutions, Transcend is also engaged in meeting customer requirements on vital management systems across other multiple tough sectors, such as ISCS, online monitoring system and electricity distribution automation network system in intelligent substation and power plant, production control system in process control and factory manufacturing. Prominent customers include China State Grid, China National Nuclear, China South-to-North Water Diversion Project, China National Petroleum, Baoshan Iron & Steel.

  Given the leading market position as well as outstanding technical strength, Transcend is actively involved in national standard setting in China. We are appointed as the Chairman unit of power Line communication national standard drafting and working group, and the President unit of corresponding industry alliance in 2015. We are also invited to jointly draft sensor network national standard, China’s next generation of high speed railway train communication network standard and Beijing rail transit PIS and PA standards.

  In pursuit of high product quality, Transcend develops and manufactures products that conform to various international certifications, such as CE, FCC, UL/cUL and RoHS. Our company management system has also passed ISO 9001:2008 and International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS), further guaranteeing a reliable customer-focus service that we persistently deliver.


  Aiming to be a global leading industrial networking company, Transcend will continue be dedicated todeveloping high quality industrl networking products and delivering innovative solutions that provide the best value geared to our client’s requirements in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability.


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